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Mandy Scott

Welcome to Pre-K!



Theme: Insects

Reading: We are learning to recognize our names in print and write our names correctly. And we are learning

the letters in our name and learning to match uppercase and lowercase letters.

Shape: We are learning about circles, squares, triangles, rectangles,

ovals, diamonds, stars and hearts, pentagons, hexagons and octagons

Math: We are learning the numbers 1-10, sorting by size, shape, and color and patterns


Class News

*We are really enjoying watering our plants and watching them grow!

*We also have caterpillars that we are anxiously watching and waiting for them to build their cacoons and turn into butterflies!

*Remember to check the snack calendar for your child’s snack day.  We have 16 in the AM and 12 in the PM class. If you send pudding or jello please send spoons.

*We go to the library on Monday and Wednesday.  Please make sure your child returns his/her book in the book bag on those days.

*Please do not send water bottles or cups in  your child’s backpack.  We have already have several spills.  They can get a drink from the water fountain any time and we have milk with our snacks.




Important Dates

April 27th – No School

April 30- Pre-K visits kindergarten

May 4th- No School

May 10th- No school for pre-k – Elementary Track Meet

May 11th – No school








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