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Materials Selection Policy

The mission of the Selection Policy is to:

  • Support the academic, professional, and personal needs of the Laverne School community
  • Support students at all academic levels and interests
  • Encourage, inspire and stimulate students’ interests and appreciation for reading and learning


Responsibility for Selection

The selection of Laverne High School Library materials and resources is the responsibility of the librarian. Reviews published in professional, literary or general periodicals recognized for their expertise are consulted as the basis of selection. The removal of materials no longer appropriate and the replacement of lost and worn materials still of educational value is part of the selection process. Suggestions for purchasing materials and resources are welcomed and are given consideration within the guidelines of the Library Selection Policy. Gift materials, free and sponsored materials are evaluated by the same selection criteria as purchased materials.


Criteria for Selection

Note: Materials and resources selected for the Laverne High School Library are based on the merit of the work and its relevance to the needs, interests and demands of the curriculum. The Library neither endorses any particular views or beliefs, nor is the selection of materials by the school an endorsement of any particular viewpoint or author. The responsibility for a student’s reading rests with his/her parent or legal guardian.

The following criteria are used as a guide in the selection process:

  • Consistent with the general educational goals of the school and the objectives of specific courses
  • Contemporary significance or permanent value
  • Relevance to the interest of students
  • Appropriate for the subject area and for the age, emotional level, ability level, and social development of the students of Laverne High School
  • Authored by competent and qualified authors and producers
  • Selected for strengths rather than rejected for weaknesses
  • Contribution to the diversity of viewpoints
  • Quality, durability, and variety of format
  • Value, proportionate to cost or need