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Board Agenda

pdfSeptember 1, 2021 Agenda pdfAugust 4, 2021 Agenda pdfJuly 7, 2021 Agenda pdfJune 2, 2021 Agenda pdfMay 5, 2021 Agenda pdfApril 5, 2021 Agenda pdfMarch 1, 2021 Agenda pdfFebruary 1, 2021 Agenda pdfJanuary 4, 2021 Agenda pdfNovember 2, 2020 Agenda pdfOctober 5, 2020 Agenda pdfSeptember 8, 2020 Agenda pdfAugust 3, 2020 Agenda pdf pdfAgenda July 6, 2020 pdfAgenda 6/1/2020 pdfSpecial Meeting agenda 5/18/20 pdf pdfBoard Agenda 5.4.20 pdfApril 6, 2020 Agenda pdfSpecial Meeting Agenda 3/25/20 pdfAgenda March 2, 2020 pdfBoard Agenda 2/3/20 pdfBoard Agenda January 1, 2020 pdfBoard Agenda 12.18.19 pdfBoard Agenda 12.2.19 pdfBoard Agenda November 4, 2019 pdfBoard Agenda 10.7.19 pdfBoard Agenda 9.3.19 pdfBoard Agenda 8-5-2019 pdfBoard Agenda 7-8-2019 pdf1-23-19 Special Mtg pdf1-16-19 Special Mtg pdf1-15-19 Special Mtg pdf01-8-19 Bd Mtg pdf01-8-19 Bd Mtg pdf12-03-18 Bd Mtg pdf11-12-18 Special Board Meeting pdf11-5-18 bd mtg pdf10-1-18 Bd Mtg pdf9-21-18 Special Board Meeting pdf9-4-18 Bd Mtg pdf8-6-18 Bd Mtg pdf07-16-18 Bd Mtg pdf06-04-18 Bd Mtg pdf5-7-18 Bd Mtg pdf5-7-18 Bd Mtg pdf4-2-18 Bd Mtg pdf03-5-18 Bd Mtg pdf02-05-18 Bd Mtg pdf01-8-18 Bd Mtg pdf12-4-17 Bd mtg pdf11-6-17 Bd Mtg pdf10-2-17 Bd Mtg pdf9-5-17 Bd Mtg.pdf pdf8-7-17 Bd mtg.pdf pdf07-03-17 Bd Mtg.pdf pdf06-05-17 Bd Mtg pdf5-1-17 Bd Mtg pdf4-3-17 Bd Mtg pdf03-6-17 Bd Mtg pdf02-06-17 Bd Mtg pdf01-9-17 Bd Mtg pdf12-5-16 Bd Mtg pdf11-7-16 bd mtg pdf10-3-16 Bd Mtg pdf9-6-16 Bd Mtg pdf8-1-16 Bd Mtg pdf07-05-16 Bd Mtg pdf06-06-16 bd mtg pdf5-2-16 Bd Mtg pdf4-4-16 Bd Mtg pdf03-7-16 Bd Mtg pdf02-01-16 Bd Mtg.pdf pdf01-4-16 Bd Mtg pdf12-7-15 Bd Mtg pdf11-2-15 bd mtg pdf10-5-15 Bd Mtg pdf9-8-15 Bd Mtg pdf8-10-15 Bd Mtg pdf07-06-15 Bd Mtg pdf06-01-15 Bd Mtg pdf5-4-15 pdf4-6-15 Bd Mtg pdf3-2-15 bd mtg pdf2-2-15 bd mtg pdf12-1-14 board meeting pdf11-3-14 board meeting pdf9-2-14 Board Meeting pdf10-6-14 board Meeting

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Temperature: 72.73˚F

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Weather humidity: 67%

Chance of Precipitation: 0%

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