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Basketball Gym Live streaming 2022-23

Posted Date: 09/26/2022

Basketball Gym Live streaming 2022-23

This year’s basketball season is right around the corner.  Last year, all of our home 5-6/7-8/ HS games were live streamed on a school YouTube account.  We have been listening to all of the positive comments from our Laverne followers and understand just how important  and convenient it is for them to watch.  We know that we not only have interested fans from the Laverne community but also from many others.  Some that wish they could be at the games but are unable to attend and even those that live far away and want to stay involved in the school.  Although we would much rather have you at our games, we know that it is not always a possibility. 

      Unfortunately, this service does come at a cost to the school.  The coaches use the basketball statistic program that comes with our Hudl Focus camera to help them keep updated records on their athletes and games.  The cost of the statistical programs and the Hudl Focus camera technology combined totaled over $6000 last year.  Just like everything else, the cost of the service this year has increased.  Good news for this year, though, is that Hudl has partnered with Blue Frame streaming.   This allows us the ability to put video commercials onto our live stream broadcast.  It allows us to run ads of our local businesses during the games.  It gives us the ability to flash or display a business logo on the screen or even attach the logo permanently somewhere to the viewing screen.  This is the same service that is used by ELAN Broadcasting in their streaming of games.  

     The school is not trying to compete with Elan Broadcasting in any way.  We understand that they can only cover so many events throughout the basketball season.  Therefore, the school’s live streaming of games is just an added benefit to our patrons.

We are asking if anyone would like to partner with the school and help defray the cost of the live streaming technology.  This can be done in just a donation form  or as an advertisement, video commercial, or logo display.  Supporting our student athletes at all levels is one way to give back to the community and show pride in our kids.  It is a way to support our school and the things we are doing at the school. 

     Donations can be sent to the school with a memo for Hudl live stream.   Any amount will be gladly accepted.   The following options are available per year as well.

  1. Family Donation   -  $ 50 or more if you desire

  2. Business Commercial  - $300  We will use a 30 second audio commercial for your business that will be played at least once per game

  3. Business Logo  -  $500  With this you will get an audio commercial plus your business  logo will be shown on a slideshow type graphic during each game.

  4. Permanent Logo - $ 1,000  The business logo will be placed on the screen during all broadcasts.

     Please keep in mind,  this is a seperate donation from that made to Elan Broadcasting and in no way is meant to compete with them.  We are just trying to work beside them for all of the other games played in the gym throughout the school year.  Thank you for your continued support of our kids and the support of those who enjoy watching our events.

     All donations can be brought to the school or mailed to the school at:

                                     PO Box 40

                                     Laverne. OK 73848

    For any video commercials or logo displays, please contact;

                                    Brett Trippet




Brett Trippet