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Sandy Brown

Welcome to our online classroom.  Week 1 and 2 – We are starting our year with Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes, while learning about Medieval Caslte life.  Humpty Dumpty was our first rhyme, Robin Hood (Disney Cartoon version) was our first movie at rest time. 

Week 3 leads us to Jack and the Beanstalk and learning how seeds grow.  Our first word is “log”.  And we are doing pre-accessments this week.


REMEMBER !!!!!!   READ TO YOUR CHILD EVERYDAY and WRITE THE BOOK TITLE IN THE PURPLE FOLDER.  Animal Crackers for every book read.  PRIZE when 10 books are read.  Next month begins the Pizza Hut Book It Reading Program, where every book counts towards a pizza party.  Get in the habit now!!


Here it is – November and the second 9 weeks.  Our first report card, Homecoming, Halloween and our first Rise & Shine are past and the Holiday season is fast approaching.  We read whole books now, not just words, and are beginning to understand how to add numbers and tell time.  Just look at us grow!!

Sandy Brown

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