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Parents:  Your children are using these Shurley Method jingles in class to help them
learn and remember the main parts of the English language.
Use them to reinforce these parts at home. 

The first file is a zipped file that contains all the Shurley Jingles,
or you can just download the individual files as you need them. 

All Jingles (zipped)

01 - The Sentence Jingle

02 - The Noun Jingle

03 - The Verb Jingle

04 - The Adverb Jingle

05 - The Adjective Jingle

06 - The Preposition Jingle 

07 - The Object of the Preposition Jingle
08 - The Preposition Flow Jingle

09 - The Pronoun Jingle

10 - The Subject Pronoun Jingle 

11 - The Possessive Pronoun Jingle

12 - The Eight Parts of Speech Jingle

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