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Reading & Phonics

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Reading is an essential skill that is learned, developed, and aquired during first grade.  It is one of the greatest focuses of our curriculum.  Foundational reading skills are importnat in the success of students’ performance across all curriculums. First-grade reading curriculum introduces children to printed materials and to the sounds and syllables that make up words. Over the course of the school year, first-graders will start to understand how the ideas in books apply to the world around them. It is imperative that your child read each day and that they develop the necessary skills to become fluent readers.  It will be my mission this year to work with you to help your student master his/her foundational reading skills. 


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Oklahoma Academic Standards




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Reading Street Reading Stories

This site contains all 30 stories that we will read in our reading curriculum.

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Phonics Dance

Alphabet Phonic  Dance Style Video

Hunks & Chunks Video

The Haunted Alphabet



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